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DOMAIN-ERROR Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop, a software application published and distributed by DOMAIN-ERROR ("DOMAIN-ERROR," "we," "us" or "our"). Your privacy is important to us and this Privacy Policy reflects our concern in safeguarding it. This Privacy Policy describes our practices regarding the collection, maintenance, use and sharing of information that we collect. Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and those changes will be available for your review on this web site. Your continued use of DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop after any such changes have been made will signify your assent to the changed Privacy Policy. To contact DOMAIN-ERROR about privacy issues, please e-mail us at

Information We Gather:

We do not purposefully collect any personally identifiable information about you (such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number). DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop does transmit limited non-personally identifiable information, such as your IP address, type of browser and operating system, unique software ID, version of the DOMAIN-ERROR Software, internal software status indicators (including error codes to determine if the Software has encountered any internal errors), a tag that identifies any DOMAIN-ERROR distribution partner from whom you may have downloaded or installed DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop, and keyword and error search queries entered in your browser address bar. Please note that search query information collected by DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop is maintained by us on an aggregated basis (i.e., together with the queries of all of our end-users) for the purposes of generating statistics regarding the use of our software (such as the number of queries performed by the average end-user per month, a list of the most popular query terms, etc.), and is never used in a manner that matches specific search query information with any particular end-user. To properly reflect your language, filtering and other preferences, DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop may also use cookies (i.e., packets of information containing your preferences that are sent to your browser and sent back by your browser each time your browser accesses our server). Cookies that we may use may only be read by the server that placed them there. If you wish to control how and whether cookies will be accepted by your browser, you should refer to the documentation accompanying your browser.

How We Use the Information We Gather:

Most of the limited, non-personally identifiable information collected is used to provide more relevant services to our end-users. For example, we may use your IP address to determine which language to use to provide you with Internet search results. In addition, information collected from end-users may be used in aggregate form to, among other things, determine the total number of distributed and active copies of DOMAIN-ERROR Desktop, prepare utilization reports for our partners or affiliates (collectively, "Partners"), diagnose and fix compatibility problems or other bugs in our software, and perform statistical analyses to enable us to build higher quality, more useful online services. The information collected from end-users also allows us to determine if the software on an end-user's computer is encountering internal errors or needs to be updated and permits us to deliver search results pages that are as responsive as possible to an individual end- user's particular search query ( e.g., serves results in the end-user's native language and tailored to the end-user's country of connectivity).

When We Disclose the Information We Gather:

As a general rule, we do not share the information we collect from end-users with third- parties. However, IP addresses, unique software IDs, and search terms or phrases inputted in the browser address bar as queries by our end-users are transmitted to certain Partners with whom DOMAIN-ERROR has subcontracted to obtain Internet search results or other services in response to such search queries (such as Yahoo!,, Miva and others). The data is also used by those Partners for internal data reporting purposes, but not for the purposes of marketing to our end-users. In addition, some of the information we collect is provided, in aggregate form only, to our Partners solely for purposes of calculating amounts owed to such Partners, not for the purposes of marketing to our end-users. Our Partners are obligated by applicable law to protect the privacy of certain types of data; however, we are not responsible for their actions or omissions, including the manner in which they use information that they receive from us. Nevertheless, if you feel that any of our Partners, or any third party who claims association with DOMAIN-ERROR, is improperly collecting or using information about you, we urge you to contact them directly and also to inform us by e-mailing us at If in the future we sell or transfer assets or portions of our business, or if we experience a change in control, reorganization or liquidation, we may transfer such information to our successor or buyer, subject to this Privacy Policy. Finally, we reserve the right to disclose any information about you if it is required by law, necessary to defend our legal rights, or if we in good faith believe it is appropriate to cooperate in investigations of fraud or other illegal activity in which you may beinvolved (or are reasonably suspected to be involved) , even without a subpoena, warrant or court order.

No Responsibility for Third-Party Practices:

Any web sites that you click to from one of our Internet search results web pages have been developed by third-parties over which we exercise no control. Such web sites may send their own cookies to end-users, collect data, or solicit personally identifiable information from you. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites, including such web sites' use of any information collected when our end- users click through to such web sites. Even though such information might not identify you personally, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with the privacy practices of those web sites.